Piptalk.com is the place to be
When your mind needs to be free

They write about roses, feelings and (lost) loves,
about joy and happiness, sorrow and white doves.
I met them last year, when I was roaming around
on the internetsites and this home here I've found.

They became my friends and I hold them dear,
poets of the world, they're all gathered here.
Whenever I feel lonely, I search for their rhyme,
their beautiful writings heal pain in due time.

So when you're in need of some poetry,
look up Ron's blue pages, your mind will be free.
I'll meet you there, because sure you will stay,
you'll start writing poetry of your own some day.

Passion in Poetry
Season of Miracles
Just some Poems
September 11
Loosing myself in the Passion of Poets

Worldwide 2001 by Titia Geertman

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