Wanna see my roses dear?
Come on in and sit down here

I'll take you strolling through my garden
about 200 different roses and many other blooming plants

Rosa Pimpinellifolia

Sometimes I dream away
Sitting in this dark corner of my garden
Surrounded by the things I love
Special place it is to me

In early hours of the day
Incredible silence, universe still sleeps
I wonder what life should have been
If other choices were made

Thinking of times gone by
Tender memories of children growing up
Tears shedded in dark moments
This place I call my own

I'll take you for a stroll
She is showing off
Why am I so font of nature
This is where we sit in summer
Come, walk with me again
The Flower
Come sit on me

Worldwide 2001 by Titia Geertman

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