I don't live in a village or town
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I don't live in a village, town or city,
I live in open country where skies can be reached.
No high buildings or factories are build here,
we have heavy clay and the North Sea beach.

Here you live with all the seasons,
the storm, the mist and the warm sun,
the rain, the snow and trees bending,
not growing upright is what they've done.

Here you pick the apples from the trees.
Here you plant your own cherriedream.
Here you fetch the eggs from under chickens.
Here you milk cows and drink soft fat cream.

What else is there to tell you,
about the land that I adore.
I wish you could see it ever,
but then you wouldn't leave anymore.

Bordered at the beautiful Westerschelde,
you'll find a unique piece of The Netherlands.
Between the old town Hulst and beach village Cadzand,
you'll find, by small dykes surrounded, farmlands.

Worldwide 2001 by Titia Geertman

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