I think you have a message

"I think you have a message",
one evening he said to me.
"Come, I think you'll like it",
so I went to the PC to see.

He stood there in the kitchen,
as quiet as he could ever be.
Waiting for me to open the screen,
for he knew what I would see.

And there were these lovely flowers,
staring colourful in my face.
He never had known how to do this,
but he tried for days and days.

And underneath there was a line,
"Dear Titia,
these flowers are for you".
After thirtythree years of marriage,
I still love this guy, I really do.

My husband always promised to buy me flowers for my birthday.
Sometimes he did, mostly he forgot (wich I didn't mind).
So for me, this was very special.
Worldwide 2001 by Titia Geertman

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