There is a fly that bothers me

There is a fly that bothers me, it's playing hide and seek,
but I don't want to kill it now, for that I am too weak.
It's wandering over my pc, it's crawling on my screen;
it is a fly so big and black, as you have never seen.

I was going to write a poem, but words they did not flow.
Oh there she goes into the air, oh my, how big a fly can grow
She reminds me of a fishingtrip, when I came home again,
The box with bait I put aside, forgot all about it then.

And later on you won't believe, whenever I opened the door,
I saw a fly trapped in my fridge and sometimes there were more.
I couldn't believe my eyes, but I didn't like the thought
of flies inside my frigde, tripping over the food I bought.

I decided to clean the thing and threw all the food away.
Still no clue where the flies came from, I am ashamed to say
Then I came to the lower shelf and yes, you've guessed it right,
my box with bait had come alive, with big black flies inside

And I thought, "WOW", this just fits in a horror movie of some kind
Putting the bait box in the fridge, I must've had an absent mind
So, whenever I see a black fly, like the one that's teasing me,
I allways look into the fridge, just to check it out you see

Worldwide 2001 by Titia Geertman

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