Colorful Nights

I see the strangest things at night,
skies full of color, a beautiful sight.
Last night it was a shade of cherryred,
I almost called my Henkie out of bed.
It was weird, no clouds were involved,
a phenomenon, that I've not yet solved.
It just looked like Halloweenredspray,
it was a bit scary, I really must say.
And don't say it's the sunset I saw,
at two AM it's pitchdark, that's the law.
Stars I saw, so many were never there,
they were just scattered everywhere.
The color was seen over a long range,
never saw something like it, so strange.
And tonight again at two AM I was outside,
above me pitchdark, fading to orange bright.
Not just one spot, but all around as I turned,
it just looked like if the horizons burned.
Oh well, maybe some aliens spooked around,
although I didn't hear a single sound.
Still it's so strange, those colors at midnight,
but I can tell you, it was a perfect sight.




Orange Moon

Last night I saw this orange moon
big round ball like a sunflower bloom
some veils of dark clouds passing by
tiny lights of a plane I saw flying high

A sky full of stars lightened by the sun
whom I could not see but it was fun
I saw the big bear the 'saucepan' we say
same spot through summer he will stay

The horizons were lit by an orange light
probably reflections of citylights bright
each night walk gives a different view
and every time this sky seems to renew

I dimmed my flashlight stood in the dark
saw in the distance the lighthousemark
flashing tree times and then waits a bit
there's lots going on in the dark I admit

An owl flying over no sound of wings
but no nasty wasps or a bee that stings
you can hear the silence if you listen well
I feel it deep in my soul is all I can tell



My Song

did you ever hear my song
melody of memories gone
some I do pity some I do not
some are fading some are hot
When I sit here by myself
thinking back and I am twelf
just exploring beyond my home
on a leash but space to roam
memories I do have plenty
thinking back and I am twenty
left my home three years before
studies, partying and living fast
alas, but those days didn't last
memories are good and worthy
thinking back and I am thirty
got me a second girl that year
life seemed good, nothing to fear
I wrote my song I did not wait
thinking back I am fourtyeight
a time of sorrow passed me by
when I remember I just sigh
life goes on while stirring it's mix
thinking now and I am fiftysix
still have some melodies to invent
of memories long gone at the end



In Perfect Harmony

In perfect harmony I live my life
No clouds on sky that I've seen
Married to the most darling man
Not ever one row there has been

My household tight shining clean
No spiderwebs shown on ceiling
Laundry folded and put in chests
And with all the trash I'm dealing

Always paying my bills on time
Food on the table at six o'clock
Obeydiant children never moan
And never found a single sock

I hear you gasp ahh's and ohh's
Wondering how I manage so fine
I plead quilty my dearest friends
In this poem I've lied in every line



Worldwide 2001 by Titia Geertman

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