My father was an artist and he used to write and draw little stories for us

Sint Nicolaas verses Santa Claus

It was on a night a very dark night
Three weeks too late he came in sight
St. Nicolaas sneeked along the street
softly walking on tiptoeing feet

It was on a night a very dark night
Christmas bells ringing in star's light
Santa Claus quietly walking around
not aware of the tiptoeing sound

And on that night that very dark night
A collision!! they bumped real tight
Stars and packages flew everwhere
Won't tell the curses but they were there

Santa shouted 'Why are you here
At Christmas I'm in charge you hear"
But Sinterklaas who was quite feared
Pulled suddenly at Santa's beard

And Santa, nobody wondered why,
took a swing at Sinterklaas's eye
And Sinterklaas? Well he just sighed
on that night that very dark night

So in the twinkling of the stars
you could see this poor man's scars
All his packages scattered around
took a while before all was found

Santa well he choosed for the better
and did write to Sinterklaas a letter

"Dear St. Nicolaas, my good friend
all that is broken will be mend
but I will warn you for next year
don't dare showing up in my time here"

Worldwide 2001 by Titia Geertman

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