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Passion in Poetry (PIP) is a poetrywebsite where you find the most various poems, written by people all over the world. It's a 'home' for many of us, a circle of friends bounded by the same need to write (and read) poetry. Quite a few forums to choose from, depending in what mood you're in.
An 'Open' forum to submit your poems, critic-forums, discussion-forums, prose-forum, philosophy-forum and lots more.
If you like poetry, you should bring a visit to PIP and I'll bet, it will be your first visit, but not your last.

I'm grateful to them, for they have helped me in a very friendly way to improve my writings and the correct use of the English language in my poems. I make mistakes, sure, for English is still my second language, but among my friends, I feel at home.


I'm a member of PIPtalk's workshop too. I've learnt a lot about different forms of poetry and tried to write some lines, not always quite to my satisfaction, but...hey...I'm just a 'junior' ya know. One never learns anything by not trying.

'SERPENTINE VERSE' In short this format means:every first and last word in every line has to be the same.

garden of Eden, a lovely garden
home of Adam and Eve, God's home
he created them out of nothing didn't he
darkness to light and again to darkness
love was all around them, everlasting love
strolling thrue the garden, Eve loved strolling
appels on the tree, big juicy shining red appels
God said NO, no appels, but Eve disobeyed God
snake told her to eat one, very intriging this snake
sinn it was, said God and he explained to her this sinn
ashamed they became, why, they were never ashamed
lost her right to be there and they became lost
apple of Eve became Adam' s appel
lump in his throat, a big lump
home sweet home
sweet home sweet
Eve Adam Eve
Adam Eve Adam
parents of parents
mistake said the snake, biting his own tail by mistake

ONOMATOPOEIA (ahn-uh-mah-tuh-PEE-uh) Strictly speaking, the formation or use of words which imitate sounds, like whispering, clang and sizzle, but the term is generally expanded to refer to any word whose sound is suggestive of its meaning.
This is very hard to do for us "Dutchies"

I snap a shot of a splashing smashing sun
I'm zip zapping my finger in zealousness fun
as she softly sink sank into the swirling sea
It's a smashing sight for this shilly shally me

Shining whispering waves shoot on the shore
I'm dashing forward to snap some shots more
The sizzling sound of sleazy seaworms I hear
As sunset sets in and lights slowly disappear

'CLERIHEW' In 1890, Edmund Clerihew Bentley got bored in class at the St. Paul's School in London.
He started writing little rhymes on people he knew. His first known was:

Sir Humphrey Davy
Abominated gravy
He lived in the odium
Of having discovered sodium

Later on these little 'teasing' rhymes were called "Clerihews".

A clerihew is a simple humorous, biographical quatrain - four lines that are comprised of two rhyming (a-a-b-b) couplets. The meter and length of each line can be varied. The name of the subject is normally incorporated into the first line (usually at the end), with a whimsical flavor dominating the remaining lines.

So I tried a few...

There's Marge Tindal a poet dear
we certainly can't miss her here
she write words of warm support
to many members of this board

With Munda I feel a special band
because she's from my own homeland
I don't see her often wich I regret
I liked her ballade I'll tell you that

Last but not least there's Nancy cute
she always shows this positif mood
The teacher of this class she is
And for letting me in she'll get a kiss

ROPHALIC'The only rule found so far is that each successive word in each line of verse has to have one syllable more than the last. I see no rules about rhyming...
Late August afternoon
Still trying rophalics
brain working constantly
sweat dripping
cheekes reddish ablushing
crushing peanutshells
too many cigarettes
dear teacher Nanniness
counting syllables
poor Dutchie
warm outside
nice sunny afternoon
I'm crazy
now trying rophalic
new challenge


'TRIOLET'A poem of 8 lines where line 1 + 4 + 7 are the same and line 2 + 8 are the same. The rhyme= ABaAabAB  

I always wonder where it has been,
when the wind is blowing hard.
Wind itself has never been seen,
I always wonder where it has been.
Sometimes it's soft, sometimes it's mean,
was it at your place, it did start?
I always wonder where it has been,
when the wind is blowing hard.

I always wonder where it has been,
when the rain turns into snow
If there's too much it can be mean
I always wonder where it has been,
by some the snow has never been seen
The wind is moving it by a soft blow
I always wonder where it has been
when the rain turns into snow

Am I a fool to want it all,
the love, the happiness, the laughter.
But life just seems a bouncing ball,
am I a fool to want it all.
When I fly high I'll take my fall
and lick my wounds right after.
Am I a fool to want it all,
the love, the happiness, the laughter

Imagery is simply the use of figurative language in your writing... .
Simile - A comparison using as or like.
Metaphor - uses one idea to represent another.
Extended Metaphor - This involves the entire poem in a metaphorical comparison.
Personification - Is giving the attributes of life to an inanimate entity.
I'm talking to my plants you know and they talk back to me
Some plants I visit every day and some I hardly see
I have to wait till Spring again for they are sleeping now
They shut their doors in wintertime and stay alive somehow
But at the first site of some green I'm there with softly voice
Encourage them to grow and bloom in colors of their choice
Spring is a difficult time for me and yet a happy one too
They all will waken from their sleep but I want it faster I do
I tell them roses 'come on you guys' I've waited long enough
Don't disapoint me now you see I gave you all that stuff
I threw some grains for you to eat embedded you in earth
'Come on' I tell them every day that must be something worth
I clipped your hair wich grew too wild so you will look real nice
But how I plead and how I scream they won't take my advice
'It is too cold yet' they tell me, 'when we should grow too fast
and then at a late winterfrost we're not convinced we'll last'
So we will stay behind closed doors till sun will shine us hot
And then perhaps we will show you all the surprises we've got'
But I will keep talking to those roses and all the other plants
On my knees I plead to the sun for the warmth she sends
You may believe it or you may not but I think this is the way
For every summer my garden if full of blooming plants I say


Worldwide 2001 by Titia Geertman

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