Passion in Poetry

Most of my poems I wrote for my friends at the 'blue pages' of Ron Carnell's beautiful poetrywebsite.

Just some poems


Valentine's day 2002

He is a cupid messenger and comes on Valentine's day,
He knocks on all the windows for he has something to say.
He's carrying all our hearts, but he's spreading them around,
He sees all people searching and some right one's being found.
But when sometimes a heart gets lost, in action he will be,
He's guiding one to find this heart, what happens we will see.
Finders will not ever know that hearts are tied to strings
And that they're being softly pulled by cupids clapping wings.
Strolling along through life, then someday they'll find a match,
And cupid, well he's pulling hard, while yelling "here you, catch".
No one wants to drop a heart, so someone will stretch a hand,
And that is where a long lost heart, will find a place to land.
Sometimes it just will take a while, so don't get in despair,
Someone carries yours you know and cupid? he knows where.

picture by Print Artist

Some day I'll write you a poem

I'll write you a poem
one day,
just to let you know
that I love you,
to tell you,
that time spend together,
meant a lot,
for I was not seeking,
yet I found you.
How can I express
my feelings
to you,
than write them down,
in simple lines,
in choosen
not always right,
in spelling that is.
But does it
if you will understand
what it is,
I mean to say.
Someday I'll write a poem
for you,
my friends,
bound as we are,
by Passion.

The Clowns

Who is the man behind the clown
What drives him to perform
in his colorful gown

Who is the clown behind the man
What drives him to perform
in the only way he can

I always feel sadness
When I see one of those
And yet they bring laughter
In the way they pose

picture by Print Artist (composed by me)

For Marge Tindal
A true poet and dear friend

A lady with a heart so warm
and writing words so full of charm
Mysteria wrote you this lovely rhyme
tonight I toast to it with a glass of wine
for she is so right you are such a doll
always in for a big laugh and a LOL
to many of us you are a real friend
dear words from heart you ment
lifting up when one is down
with a smile not a frown
you have an answer
to any question
dear Marge
I just know
you will enjoy
this tribute truly ment

To my friends at Passion, Thanksgiving 2001

Thanks for giving me the audience I need
You all have become my precious friends indeed
Thanks for giving me the strenght to go on
It just seemed to me a superbowl that I've won
Thanks for giving me respect and friendship
It's the source that's getting me out of a dip
Thanks for giving me thoughts and laughter
Sometimes I'm still giggling many hours after
Thanks for giving me a place in this home
So many different decorated rooms to roam
Thanks for giving me the time to share
Knowing that most of you really do care
Thanks for giving me hope when I'm down
Slowly make my face smiling instead of frown
Thanks for giving me men like Balladeer
And Ron and Duncan and all manpoets here
Thanks for giving me Marge, Sharon, Vick
And all other women on who's poems I kick
Thanks for giving me some of your time
I'll give you in return my heart in rhyme

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Worldwide 2001 by Titia Geertman

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