Passion in Poetry
For all my friends in the USA and around the world.
For all innocent people who lost their lives that day.
For all those rescue teams who had to perform an almost impossible job.

September - 11 - 2001

One Evil Mind

One evil mind
and minds
that weren't free
they could change the world
one day
so they did
It only took one hour
to change so many lifes
into history
Evil should not win
it did
this day that's true
but in the end
it will be slain
I will promise you
For good it conquers evil
has been always
that way
it takes some time
but you will see
in freedom
we will stay

For those who've lost

for those who've lost I'll mourn today
prayers I don't speak I'll do it my way
it took my breath the things I did see
act of men who's minds were not free
it took only a moment to scatter lifes
result of ridiculess senceless strifes
if you believe in prayers please pray
I mourn them in my own humble way

I was with you

I was with you in that stadion,
just separated by a tv. screen
and I saw this bond of people,
as we never have been seen.

Joined together all religions,
each of them in their own way,
praying to one God they did.
Yes it really happened this day.

Yet one moment I felt sadness,
seeing how easy this should be.
That it took place after disaster,
that it took this horrible tragedy.

But the same time I felt happy,
that this happened now and here,
for it showed this united feeling
and no religion should one fear.

Because in all the different cultures,
most are good and some are bad.
One must not condemn all creatures,
for what a few bad persons said.

I don't know if they will succeed.
to wipe out evil from this earth.
Maybe evil should be brainwashed,
to the believe that lifes have worth.

To the believe that different opinions,
should be talked about with respect.
In the name of the God one believes in,
not a single life should be wrecked.

When will I get my humor back
I'm stuck with one big question,
when do I allow myself,
to reply to
normal posts again,
you know,
with a bit of humor.
I could not do that,
it felt like
I was betraying
those who died.
I only read
what was written
about yesterday.
If I would
ask you,
you probably say
go ahead, life goes on.
But every time
I tried,
it didn't feel right.
So I stopped.
I wonder,
when I will
get back my humor.
I don't know


I miss it so

I miss it so,
the laughs and lols,
I miss your
wits and funs.
I miss it so,
the treads wherein,
a little teasing runs.
I miss the little rhymes
of Marge,
with all those
lovely pics.
I miss the tales
of Balladeer,
from whom I got
my kicks.
I miss LongJohn,
who probably is
sailing far at sea.
I miss my teacher
no one in class
but me.
I know I have to wait,
for grieve does take long time.
Just thought I let you know,
my feelings
in this rhyme.
I grieve for all those people,
who lost their lifes in vain.
I miss the laughs and lols
that's true,
no place for them yet
in this pain.
But one day I am sure,
we will be playing again.
I'll just sit and wait,
untill you tell me

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Worldwide 2001 by Titia Geertman

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