Passion in Poetry
Sometimes Poets of Passion come together
September 2002, a poetic gathering took place in New Port Richie, Florida.

I travelled from Boston to Florida

"Loosing myself in the Passion of Poets"

I took a plane all by myself and flew long way to Boston town
I took a bus for two hours long, at Falmouth he has put me down
Nan was there and I hugged her firmly then we ate some dinner too
She took me to all kind of places, but fishing there I could not do

Miss NewEnglandLazurlu, known as Marti in real life to all
Came to visit us one day and like teenage girls we had a ball
She was humorous and pretty, laughed a lot, of joy I'll bet
We walked barefoot along Nan's seashore, untill we got all wet

Nan and I, we went to Philly, where this lovely thing occurred
We met Denise there in her library and she showed us Dickenson's Bird
The raven inspired Edgar A. Poe and now he inspired Elizabeth too
Because she wrote this lovely verse about this all stuffed raven for you

Elizabeth Santos, she is a Queen, as I have told you all before
And meeting this sweet lady in real, I now adore her even more
If I could choose 'serenity', to describe this girl so dear to me
I think that it's the right word, because she was beautiful you see

Ruth (Hoot_owl_rn) came over, driving her car, got lost a bit
When she rang up to ask, Liz told her to stay put and sit
Liz went over to pick her up, then we hugged her all real tight
Two days we stayed together, she had this smile so bright

After Liz I took the train, twentyfour hours untill the next day
All the way south to Florida, to spent a week on my own silly way
I saw the beaches and big houses, boats along the seaside shore
And most of all the things I did, I went off fishing, wich I adore

Then one day I packed my things and took the train up North again
I had to go to Tampa see, for the gathering of women and men
And here I sit, trying to figure out, how to cope with all of you
I'll tell you in a minute, have to get my 'walking man', I do

Loosing myself in classic music, avoiding all babbling voices loud
I'll try to write a little story of what this gathering was about
We came together in the villa, made lots of fun and tears were shed
Not of sorrow, but of emotions, wich came to surface when we met

By one, or two, or four they came, the poets of Ron's pages blue
We hugged and kissed and talked about, the things we like and wish to do
Up till now it is amazing, that no one's different than I had thought
And it was really overwhelming, all those things the English bought

There was Marsha, the organizer, head of household, you could say
We couldn't have had a better one, going about in her English way
She is a cutie who laughs a lot and managed to keep us in line
But when the phone rang she would shout: "Out of the way, the phone is mine"!

Krissy sweet lass, her daughter dear, kept an eye on boyfriends ways
First time she left her home for weeks, she had to make sure he stays
She has this lovely open smile, put up some playfull fights with Mom
She could say nasty words when woken, but I'm so glad she's come

Kethry is the Aussi gal, who kept telling us she was shy
Spending a weeks time close to her, I tried, but I can't figure out why
She is a loving social person, who kept an eye on all our needs
Keth my friend, if you were a plant, I sure would take me home some seeds

Maureen likes to explain all things, makes sure we'll understand them well
She has her heart right there on tongue, but only nice words came out, I'll tell
She made a dreamcatcher for all poets and little bags to hold, when caught
On top an acrostic about priceless moments, made by herself, not bought

Nan, known to us as Pilgrimage, had flown from Texas all the way
Another different character, but comfortable to be with I must say
Being from the Texican plains, she hardly ever sees the sea
We took her beaching and untill the sun set, that's where we'll stay

David and Lyra, our Chipmunk, made their whole trip by car
It was such a delight to see them, although she couln't walk very far
When we went treasure hunting, they made it convenient for us all
By car they drove ahead to search for clues, when found, they'd call

Isabel and Seymour, so long together, thus unique in their kind
Both are really nice people, though Isabel truly has her own mind
Sy was sitting there quietly, he was enjoying all the words he heard
But Isabel liked to be in control, when unexpected things occurred

Marge and Bill, well they're in love, as many of us could very well see
And Bill sang beautiful songs on the night we all were reading poetry
Marge shared her heart of gold and flavoured it with written Passion
She kept hugging me all the time, so I got plenty during this session

And there was our Balladeer, but did you know his last name is Mack?
He and his Franni were such delight, I emptied the whole of my knuffelsack
You won't believe it, but it's really true, he's reciting his poems by heart
Despite one night he fell through his bed, I think Michael Mack is very smart

And all the poets came together and we were learning a little bit more
Of the characters behind the blue pages, whom now I even more adore
I travelled all the way from Holland and I have no regrets in any way
Instead of men, I picked up Poets, I'll tell you... wish I could do that every day

I've made friends for live
Thank you Poets I think we all coped very well


Worldwide 2001 by Titia Geertman

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