Why am I so font of nature

How come I am so fond of nature
while she is hurting me constantly

The stinging nettle stings my fingers
keeps me itching for several days
The goutweed is covering my soil
and I get a backache from
sitting on my knees to pull it out
The sorrel grows bigger every year
so I get a headache by only looking
Shells of walnuts paint my hands brown
getting them coarse when I scrub hard
The heavy clay soil brakes my nails
when I dig a hole to put in new plants
And then the roses
they always scratch my hands, arms and legs
till the blood comes out leaving little scars

How come I am so fond of nature
I will tell you straight away my friends

the stinging nettle provides me for
soup and delicious little pancakes
the goutweed and sorrel just want me
to show their overwhelming blossoms
the walnuts gives me delicacies and
its shells a pigment to dye the wool
the clay soil just tells me to be gentle
And the roses
Ahhhh, the smell of roses carry me
to paradise when they bloom in all
their variety of colours and shapes

So honestly my dear friends
I wouldn't have it any other way

Worldwide 2001 by Titia Geertman

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