Come, walk with me again


Once again I will take your hand
to walk through my garden full of scent
Abraham Darby is this roses name
Introduced by Austin, English fame


Climbing Shot Silk, you can see why
as she turns her face towards the sky
You'll notice her scent quite far away
thinking of a soft perfume you may


A full color bouquet she presents to you
yellow turning red her petals slowly do
An old bucket just for mere decoration
I always must gaze at her in admiration


The red rosebuds of the Albertine
are of a beauty you've never seen
She blooms only once each year
Glad I can present her to you here


With Edenrose we end this stroll
I hope you really enjoyed it all
Twohundred of these beauties here
And to me, they are very dear

Worldwide 2001 by Titia Geertman

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