What if...

Shall I be thinking different
when one day I would be you
Or will I keep by changing
some of my own thoughts too

That's what my mind keeps busy
when sometimes I dream away
But never will I know for sure
what I will really think that day





Acrostic Love

L et me tell you my dear friends
O n this very dearest moment
V arious lines came to my mind
E very time I thought them wrong

Y es I have to think them over
O ften use backspace and such
U ntil words fall in their places

A nd the end has come in sight
L eft me just one line to tell you
L aughter often cures our hearts






Can I speak to you a moment
'cause I feel a bit alone
when there's nobody around me
even no one on the phone

Can I speak to you a moment
'cause I want to very much
Or do you think that it is crazy
to put this question as such

Can I speak to you a moment
or would you rather I did not
But in times I feel such need for
not have the loneliness I've got

Can I speak to you a moment
this is what I need to say
Even when not always friendly
I do love people anyway



Worldwide 2001 by Titia Geertman

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