"Somewhere in France"

In a mist of early morning sunlight,
the air filled with tiny sprinkles dew,
I came upon this dear old farmhouse,
with 'windowshields' painted softblue.

Overgrown by bushes of pink roses,
breathing the air of ancient history,
can't help wondering about her past,
wondering, about her tales of mistery.

photo by Rob Gruppelaar

Blowing Wind

Run little friends for the wind is blowing
Autumn is showing its presence here
Look the trees are bending over
And the rain will soon appear

Running fast along the water
Clinching to the schoolbags tight
Careful steps so they won't fall over
Reaching their homes on time? They might!

picture by Print Artist

"A Million Bucks"

Sometimes when the lights are out
I sit in the dark and wait
waiting for thoughts that fill my head
dreaming about what to do
with a million bucks
being rich should give you
some happiness they say
will it help to get a better life
sometimes I wonder
cause happiness has to be within
within oneself
happiness you must create
it's not given
but if you just sit and wait for it
a million bucks won't help
I guess
So I sit here when the lights are out
sometimes I'm happy
sometimes I just wish I had a million bucks

The Locals

When the day's work is done
and supper finished
you see them coming out
coming out of their houses
sitting down on wobbly chairs
leaning against façades
It's their restingtime
It's their chattingtime
their gossiptime
They watch the street
and the people in it
nothing escapes their eyes
They discuss politics
and weather
Informing each other
of going steadies,
weddings, deseased
disaster and happiness
and silence
there's silence too
when they watch you
going by
And you know you will be judged
accepted or condemned
You will know it next time
by the way they say 'Hello'
or not at all
They accepted me
the locals
at least most of them
because I learned to speak their tongue

"To the Love of my Life"

we had a flickering courtingtime,
when apart, I wrote letters in rhyme,
we travelled a lot,
got married abroad,
and then we settled down.
Lived in a flat, in a house with a pet,
from the Salvation Army I got us a bed,
two kids we've made,
not long did we wait,
by then we lived in a town.

we had our ups and we had our downs,
happy laughter, but also deep frowns.
I am a fighter,
but he is brighter
and still we got along.
Now we're aged and still together,
don't ask us how, it doesn't matter,
for better for worse,
that ain't no curse,
I think we did not so wrong.

Worldwide © 2001 by Titia Geertman

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